Our Advisory Board

Due to the complexity of our business field, it is crucial that we have experts from various industries on our team. This diverse expertise allows us to offer customized solutions and effectively address the challenges of our industry. We look forward to a successful collaboration!

Christoph Hellwagner

Christoph Hellwagner introduced the “dean&david” casual fast food concept to Austria in 2015. He successfully operates nine restaurants and, as the largest franchisee, is significantly involved in the strategic development of the company. Additionally, with his consulting firm “Hellwagner Performance Consulting,” he advises companies in the gastronomy and retail sectors on personnel management, leadership, expansion, and franchising, and connects suppliers with retailers worldwide.


Michael Reinartz

Since 2016, Michael Reinartz has been shaping the telecommunications and technology future as the Chief Innovation Officer at Vodafone Germany. With extensive expertise in 4G, 5G, IoT, and fiber/cable networks, he drives innovative strategies, accelerates digital transformation, and revolutionizes communication methods.


Jörg Schönbacher

Jörg Schönbacher, Partner and Managing Director of BDO Consulting GmbH, leads an interdisciplinary team of experts that advises international and national companies on strategy development, implementation, corporate governance, and the establishment of new business models. In addition to his role as co-founder of the Austrian high-tech scale-up USound, he supports entrepreneurial growth as a supervisory and advisory board member for hidden champions and start-ups.


Heinzpeter Mandl

Heinzpeter Mandl, Managing Director of MSP Mandl – Schwarz&Partner Unternehmensberatung, focuses on interim management and brings over 20 years of leadership experience in executive and board positions at international companies. His extensive expertise covers strategic and operational corporate management, particularly in the consumer goods, B2C, and retail sectors, both stationary and online.