It would not meet our high demands to just look for attracting first-rate talents. Ertler Executive Search GmbH deliberatively sets new standards in terms of executive recruiting. Not, because we have brought the search for top employees to perfection, but rather because we think outside the box and do not stick to a CV.

Due to our profound industry knowledge of different fields of economy, we know the essentials to fill a permanent executive position. Our work is not done with the search for potential specialists but it does actually start, when we have spotted them. This is what we consider the fine art of personnel recruiting and our expertise.

Not only in Austria, Europe, Asia, or the US – we find your future talents around the globe, because cross-cultural collaboration is a cornerstone of our corporate policy. The right communication, a professional way of approaching people, and an efficient evaluation process provide us access to constructive interviews, that in the end deliver the future leaders of your company. Our goal is not to only satisfy our clients but to excite them. Again and again.

We will recruit the right person for you

You have an executive position to fill and it’s imperative you find the right person. After all, the success of your organization in large part depends on your ability to recruit top performers. We can act as your retained executive recruiter to help you find highly-skilled personnel which will improve your company’s competitive advantage.

Quality people for your organization

We are an international executive search firm dedicated to identifying, evaluating, recruiting and delivering the highest-caliber professionals. We’re talking about people who can step into a position and begin contributing to your company immediately. Whether you need to find a CEO or to build an entire sales force virtually overnight, we are the answer. We connect time-strapped employers with talented job candidates.

Retained recruiting begins with an assessment of your needs

Part of what makes us unique is the emphasis we place on fact finding. That is, before we begin a retained executive search, we invest the time to understand the precise requirements, responsibilities and expectations the position entails. We ask the needed questions, and keep your answers confidential, of course. And while the main focus is on the skills and experience needed, we also try to get a sense of the personality type that will best fit your corporate culture.

Strategic retained recruiting brings results

Let’s face it: The vast majority of the really talented people are already working in jobs, usually good ones. They’re likely not in your own backyard and certainly not reading the classified ads. These people won’t find you. You need to find them. And that’s just what we do. We research companies and candidates. We then strategize how best to recruit these top-tier performers and get them to consider an opportunity with a new employer.