Our process

Our team will work hand in hand with you to create a precise profile of the hard and soft skills of the desired candidate, in which the following parameters, among others, are determined:

  • Professional skills
  • Breadth of expertise
  • Specializations
  • International experience
  • Extensive market knowledge
  • Personality traits
  • Personal values and communication style
  • Teamwork skills and stress resistance
  • Cultural fit factor
  • Potential Age Preferences

Within the framework of our recruiting process, we prioritize various channels to quickly ensure the best results possible. In addition to digital channels, our team utilizes our personal network, cooperates with several researchers and uses our internal database.

We are able to empathize with candidates, while also supporting your Employer Branding activities optimally. Furthermore, we cross-reference your requirements with the candidate’s personality. During the interviewing process our focus mainly lies on your goals, wishes, added value and individual framework conditions.

As soon as we have matched a candidate to your profile, we will gladly introduce them to you. During this process, we are more than happy to accompany you throughout the next steps and support you with your final decision. Additionally, we offer assistance with the final selection, salary proposals and onboarding of the fitting candidate.