David Ertler


Ertler Executive Search is a fusion of David Oliver Ertler’s competences, namely his instinct for people and companies as well as his wide-ranging experiences in recruiting within different industries, and his global network of specialists holding senior management positions.

After having successfully finished the Theresan Military Academy, the officer David Oliver Ertler held different functions in Austria and abroad, until his passion and the challenges of the private industry encouraged him to change profession. He started to work as VP HR for the company Neuroth, where – in his function as managing director – he also headed the training academy. Subsequently, he moved on to the XAL group and set up the strategic and operative personnel management as the global HR executive.

He has expertise and experiences within all classical functions, knows retail and industrial enterprises as well as startup companies first-hand, and spots for his clients those candidates who do not only match a profile but are the right decision for the company.

Raphael Kammerhofer


Raphael Kammerhofer has turned his passion for meeting people into a career through his sound economic education and his professional career with stations in the international luxury hotel industry, tourism management consultancy and HR consulting. As a passionate networker, he brings a large network of highly qualified personalities from almost all economic sectors to ERTLER EXECUTIVE SEARCH GmbH.

As a start-up entrepreneur in the field of HR-Tech, he is also well versed in the technology and start-up area and in constant interaction with the community.

“Looking beyond the CV” is a matter of course for him and this is how he finds outstanding candidates for you who not only fit perfectly into the team, but also make a long-term and sustainable contribution to the success of your company.

Christopher Zehetleitner


Christopher Zehetleitner stands out due to his education in the field of international management and marketing.
Already during his bachelor studies, he worked with many companies and successfully handled his first campaigns in the field of social media marketing.

After a semester abroad in Belgium, he was able to deepen his previously acquired skills during an internship at Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG in Stuttgart. Coming into contact with people and bringing them together has always been a main focus of his activities, which he was also able to further deepen as a member of the field sales force. Here he had to prove both his flair for people and his sales talent.

In addition, Christopher Zehetleitner qualified himself through his many years of voluntary work as a paramedic and instructor in an area where the focus is always on people. Through his competences and his motivation, he contributes to the further success of ERTLER EXECUTIVE SEARCH GmbH.

Tobias Gutzelnig


Through his training as a career officer at the Theresian Military Academy in Wiener Neustadt with a focus on cybersecurity and communication technology, Tobias Gutzelnig not only has the necessary human knowledge but also the technical expertise in the digital sector.

In addition to his experience in the military, Tobias also has a deep understanding of economic relationships and entrepreneurial challenges in European medium-sized companies thanks to his previous work in investment banking in Vienna. He also has a broad network of entrepreneurs and highly qualified individuals.

Mirko Stegmeyer

Mirko Stegmeyer, full-blooded sales manager in international sales, is responsible for our operations on the German market.

He distinguishes himself with over 25 years of expertise in sales, including more than 10 years in the international environment. In his career Mirko has been responsible for regional sales, for the successful market launch of two Asian joint ventures and for the development of a sales structure in the Central European market of the US start-up SORAA. As Head of International Sales at the NIMBUS Group and most recently at Anker Carpets, he was responsible for global export sales.

His industry experience coupled with his extensive network in international sales, especially in the architectural environment, makes him a valuable partner for our team and our focus. Due to his knowledge of human nature and the gift to recognize and promote potentials of others he is an absolute asset for ERTLER EXECUTIVE SEARCH and actively contributes to the success of our company.

Judith Ertler-Hofer


For many years, Judith Ertler-Hofer has been a successful executive in Spa Management in prestigious international deluxe hotels. As the Head of Sales and Trainer of an Austrian cosmetics brand, she successfully implemented spa concepts in European model companies. The internationally operating glass manufacturer Stoelzle hired her as an Area Sales Manager and put her in charge for world-renowned luxury brands. Since 2015, she has been working as a Lecturer for Spa Management at colleges and universities, providing internships and jobs worldwide for young jobseekers. In the course of her work as a Spa Consultant, she advises established clients of the spa industry and helps them successfully implement projects and optimize their processes.

Michael Neubauer


Michael Neubauer is an organizational talent, strategist and implementer who can look back on a successful international career in the automotive and aircraft supply industry, in automation and plant engineering and software development. For 20 years, established employers such as Pankl Racing Systems, Shvabe Munich, Carbotech Salzburg or SAB have built on his entrepreneurial strengths and leadership qualities, which he has been able to use in a targeted and effective manner, particularly in company reconstruction projects. Due to his activities as an operational manager as well as a managing director, he covers a very wide spectrum of experience, which is a valuable and sustainable asset to the ERTLER EXECUTIVE SEARCH team and, ultimately, to you.

Patrizia Lusty


Patrizia Zernatto has been living as an US correspondent in California for some years and is the link between ERTLER EXECUTIVE SEARCH and the US market. The combination of her studies of media management and cross-cultural communication laid the foundation for a more diversified career path. Amongst others, she operated as the head of the marketing department of LEYKAM Let’S Print and was responsible for the B2B communication of one of the biggest offset printing facilities in Europe. Apart from her job as a US correspondent she supervises the quality management of 101domain, Inc. for the German- and English-speaking countries.
Due to her experiences in different markets and a high flexibility in terms of travelling, she has access to multifaceted business models, which hold out the prospect of a broad range of employees and potential talents.

Robin Weihager

Robin – our Swedish Viking in the team – serves as Client Director Nordics. His fifteen year long career, in five different countries, as a professional hockey player gives him a unique background and skill set. After finishing high school he left home at age 15 to continue his studies at the Malmö Hockey Gymnasium, where he graduated the Trade and Sales program.

In Graz, Austria, he met David and they instantly found a connection and saw the possibilities of future synergies.
He’s got the Swedish DNA and knowledge of what the Scandinavian market needs and valuate. This in combination with living in the center of Europe for years makes him the perfect partner for searches with these needs. He is passionate about helping people to grow and to maximize their potential. Used to work in a team, setting and reaching goals together. He’s got great leadership skills that has given him the honor and experience of being the captain of teams, learning how to read people and to see to everyones needs. Learning how to take care of the individual to make the team stronger. The importance of structure, discipline and hierarchy was implemented in Robins life at an stage and is something he lives by.

Serena Pucher

As an International Management & Entrepreneurship student, quick into her studies, Serena identified the significance of (Cross Cultural) Communication and Business-related activities, as well as the tandem, the two work with one another. Throughout her degree she was able to gain a lot of business administrative knowledge, which allowed her to implement studied theory into her work and refine her analytical thinking.

Besides her studies, Serena was able to gain experience in Customer Service where she proved to be a capable team player with strong communication skills and creativity. By virtue of attention to detail, instinct for digital trends and empathy in user dialog, she sure will be a great match for our team. Serena assures us to bring a fresh perspective to all the projects, that she undertakes, keeping in mind a diverse and global viewpoint.